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Registration for APVMA includes one lab at no additional charge. When you register, you will be asked to select a lab. There are limits on the number of individuals who can participate in each lab. If you would like to switch after your registration, you will want to check the information table at the 2022 APVMA Conference to see if there are additional spots.

8:00 AM

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
~Dr. Pradeep Malreddy

Exotic Animal Handling and Husbandry
~Marissa Fiume

Fistulated Cows, Rumen Function
~Kyndall Neal

Ticks and Fleas!
~Dr. Brian Herrin

9:00 AM

~Dr. Judy Klimek

Small Animal Dentistry
~Dr. Marjory Artzer

Foreign Bodies and Exotics Imaging
~Dr. Erin Hennessey

Bovine Obstetrics
~Dr. Ronnie Elmore

10:00 AM

Dissection of the Eye
~Tony Lai

Animal Behavior Scoring Session
~Lauren Herd

Common Household Toxins/Pet Emergencies
~Dr. Vien O

1:00 PM

Anatomy Lab
~Dr. Judy Klimek

VM ROCKS Suture Lab
~Hayley Duncan

Poisonous PLants and Toxicities
~Drs. Steven Ensley and Scott Fritz

2:00 PM

Introduction to Suturing
~Marissa Fiume

Radiology Lab
~Matthew DiFazio

3:00 PM

Minimally Invasive Urinary Procedures
~Dr. Shane Lyon

Comparative Evolutionary Anatomy Lab
~Drs. Rim Rozell and Ashley Rhodes

Neurologic Examination of a Dog
~Tony Lai